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How to connect wireless brother printer?

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Connecting Brother Printer to Wifi +1415-729-750

Connecting a Brother Printer to your PC or laptop is easy, but if you have a Wireless Brother Printer, then it will be easier for you. Well, like other printers, Brother Printers also want configuration and access to print. Without configuration, they could not do the printing tasks from your operating system.

Pick the AC Power Cord that comes with the Brother Printer Box and switch the device on. After that, turn on your PC or Laptop whatever you are using then put CD-ROM in the CD-ROM Drive. If CD-ROM Drive is not available, then Setup will be done through the internet automatically.


Before doing configuration, we, Nextgenassist will provide you the process to Connect Wireless Brother Printers:

Take a look,


Brother Printer Wireless Setup

  • Before configuring your Brother Printer, first understand the wireless network setting (WLAN) access point/router.

If your router is working correctly, Brother Printer Wireless Setup will only utilize the WEP Key. Here are the steps:

  1. Insert Compact Disc; then, you will see the installation process on your screen then select the printer model and language.
  2. You will see the CD-ROM menu appear on your screen where you have to select Brother Printer Driver Install, Click on “YES” when the Account Control Screen appears.


Brother Printer Wireless Setup +1-415-729-8750


  •    Step 1:

Click on the confirm option for the License Agreement Procedure, and the Brother Wireless Printer Wireless Network Installation option appears on the screen, select Brother Wireless Network Printer and click Next. After that, choose to alter the firewall port settings and allow the network connection to proceed with the installation. Now a new menu appears where you have to select the right machine model from the menu. Tap next and follow the Brother Wireless Printer Setup instruction to install for network connection.


  •    Step 2:

Installing the driver for Network Connection by using USB Cable. If you see the connection is secure, then the wireless connection will be automatically detected. The Confirmation for installation setup will appear on the screen, then confirm and click next.

  1. Also, confirm the network ID, SSID, ESSID. After that, click yes and then next.
  2. You will see a list of the wireless network appears on the screen.
  3. You have to select the proper network name from the list.


  •    Step 3:

Check the settings configuration. Make sure it should be correct, then click the next to enable the settings sent to Brother Printer Wifi; if the wireless connection fails, then there will be minor issues that will appear on the screen; take an in-depth look at the displayed info and click to reload.

Thus you will see that the currently done process is completed, so take out the compact disc cable from your PC or laptop and click cancel to finish.


Brother Printer Setup in Laptop

Brother Printer Setup in Laptop

  • At first, you have to connect your Laptop to Printer with the USB cable and then open the browser.
  • After that, download the driver from its official website.
  • Enter the printer model number and select the product.
  • Start downloading and then run the driver.
  • You have to install the printer software and configure the settings.
  • Now, add your printer to the computer.
  • At last, print a page and check whether if this worked.


Here are some of the tips to keep your Printer Long Lasting Working:

  • Always try to print something in full color once a week. Doing this will ensure that the printing heads stay clean and free of blockages.
  • Try to always turn your printer on and off once in a week. Doing this will clear the blockages in your printer.
  • Before starting a large print run, first, check its nozzle. This will give you proper info about the printer’s working condition.


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