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How to install Canon Printer on Mac?

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Before going to the topic, first, know Why Canon Printer for Mac?

How to connect Canon Printer


Canon is one of the leading brands in delivering printers on the present digital world. Whether it is for Mac or Windows, Canon can be used in every operating system. You only need to find the relevant software or driver for your Canon printer. But sometimes, Apple users get trouble configuring Canon Printer. We, Nextgenassist, the Best Canon Printer Customer Care Service Provider, have solutions for your every Mac installation issues.

Steps to install Canon Printer to Mac Online 415-729-8750

Here, in “How to install Canon Printer on Mac” blog, we will help you know about the steps to install Canon Printer on Mac.


We will provide you the step by step guide about How to Install Canon Printer on Mac. install Canon Printer on MacBefore starting the process of Installing Canon Printer on Mac, put the stack of paper on your printer and also fill the cartridge with ink. Add USB to control the printer. Then hit the option “Printers and Scanners” appear on your screen. This will open the rundown where you should click on the name of your printer to include it. This is the final step, and your configuration is done.


 How to install Canon Printer on Mac


Here is the step which will help you to install Canon Printer on Mac, take a look:


  •       Step 1:

First, you need to reset your printing system, so you have to click on the Apple menu and afterward pick “System Preferences,” then move to the hardware section and click on “Print and Scan.”


  •       Step 2:

After that, you need to click on the list printer list. Now a menu will appear where you need to click on “Reset Printing System.”


  •       Step 3:

Then you need to confirm that your Canon Printer is connected to your Mac either remotely or through the Ethernet connection.


  •       Step 4:

Click on the Apple menu, go to system preferences, and click on print and scan.


  •       Step 5:

Click on the “+” icon and add your Canon Printer on Mac.


  •       Step 6:

At last, pick your printer from the list and then click on add. Mac OS X will automatically download and install the updated software or driver for your Canon Printer.


Try these steps to install the Canon printer on Mac, and apart from these steps, if you need any more help, then you are free to contact us at +1-415-729-8750.