Steps to Create Generic Ink Cartridges Run on an HP Printer?

picture of generic ink cartridges

After you finished all of the ink in your HP Printer, you substitute it with a new one. People try to buy ink cartridges from stores or online because it is comparatively inexpensive, usually known as Generic ink cartridges.

How to Install generic ink cartridge in your HP Printer?

Replacing a blank ink cartridge in your existing printer and putting an ink cartridge in your printer needs a customary procedure to follow for more help. You can also visit the website.

First, on your HP Printer, take your new generic ink cartridge out of the packaging, and follow the given steps below:

1. Open the HP Printer ink tray-

  • First of all, dring the installation of generic ink cartridge make sure that the printer is getting power from the cord connected to it.
  • After opening the ink tray, the generic ink cartridge will slide into view in the center of your HP Printer.
  • Remember that, in All-in-One HP Printers, you require to uplift the top lid to access the generic ink cartridges.

2. Bring out the ink cartridge from the printer and eliminate the old ones from the printer

  • Press down on the ink cartridge to dislodge the generic ink 
  •  cartridge from the ink holder
  • Once the current generic ink cartridge jumps out, drag out the rest of it entirely.

3. Bring out the new generic ink cartridge from the packaging

  • During the installation, you require to takeout the proactive tab on the generic ink cartridge. The active tab is usually the plastic film that stops the ink from spilling out.
  • It is warning not to touch the copper-colored part of the cartridge, because it may produce in clogging, disconnection or ink failure.

4.Inject the new generic ink cartridge

  • Slide down the latest generic ink cartridge with the ink nozzles facing off from you.
  • If you have bought the colored generic ink cartridge, then put it on the left side.
  • If you have bought the black generic ink cartridge, you should place it on the right side of the ink tray.

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