Steps to fix the HP Printer Separation pad issue


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The HP Printer Separation Pad issue is the over-feeding of pages at once than its usual pattern of one page. If you want to resolve this problem, make some changes to your HP Printer Separation Pad.

You require to update your HP Drivers to the latest standards, such as HP Printer Assistant if you want to ensure that there will be no occurrence of this problem in the future.

When you purchase a brand latest HP Printer and face a related problem, you can ask for technical assistance to HP Customer Service available 24*7 for users’ users’ help.

Following, we are going to discuss the steps to help you resolve the issue without asking outside help.

Try to replace your HP Printer’s Separation pad.

  • At the beginning step, you require to unplug the power cord, cables from your HP printer to get it cool down
  • After that, remove all the paper inserting trays and take the blue separation pad out of the spring-loaded base. For this, you require to place in a flat-edged screwdriver into the slot under the separation pad.
  • Now the opening section pushes below the spring-loaded base by applying one hand while removing the separation pad with another.
  • To set up your new Separation pad into the slot, go through the Input tray
  • In the last step, you require to reinsert your print cartridge, pickup roller along with the input tray. Now its time to plug the cables of your HP printer and turn it on

Try to replace the Pickup roller

  • First, unplug the cords to chill down the HP printer
  •  Then get out the print cartridge and explore the pickup roller
  • After that remove both white and small tabs from each side of the pickup roller
  • Now, gently remove the roller upside from the device and attempt to slot in a new pickup roller
  • Continue turning it into the position until the white tabs on each side of the roller snap appear
  • At last, reinstall the print cartridge and close the openings

 Clean the printer pickup roller from the inside out

  • Nicely clean the printer pick up roller easily with a soft cloth soaked in water
  • Clear off thin sheets of dust stuck on the surface of your pickup roller with the soft fabric cloth.
  • At last, put the pickup roller into open the air to let the moisture driven out of it. When the pick roller drains out perfectly, install it back in the printer.




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