Steps to repair HP Color Printer ‘Unable to print in color, after installing the UPD’ error


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To provide outstanding print capabilities install on both the devices- printer and desktop or laptop, HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) connects with the HP printer support device. It holds a broad range of HP LaserJet Printers and HP Multifunctional Printers (MFPs). The print driver can create HP printing devices and automatically configure it to the device capabilities (duplex, color, finishing, and lots more).

If you are using HP Color LaserJet/ HP Color Multifunctional Printer (MFP)/ HP Enterprise and handling problems like unable to print in color or unable to print in two-sided( auto-duplex) after installing the Universal Print Driver (UPD)?

The following are the steps discussed to get an instant solution:

  1. First, check you’re using the latest HP Universal Print Driver (UPD) and make sure your HP Printer model carries the auto-duplexing or color printing feature.

You can contact HP Customer Service to receive further information on HP Universal Print Driver (UPD).

  1. In this, you require to open the HP Printer properties and on the ‘General’ tab and check on the HP Printer driver, whether it holds color printing.

Assume ‘Color:’ setting in the ‘General’ tab turned to ‘No,’ then the printer driver can’t print in color.

  1. If the ‘Color:’ setting in the ‘General’ tab set to ‘No,’ then pick the ‘Device setting’ tab. Under ‘Installable options, click on the ‘Automatic Configuration: Off’ (by default). Choose the ‘Update Now’ option to do an automatic configuration
  2. In case HP Universal Printer Driver auto-configuration decline(both 5.0 and the latest), then the printer driver will set to default monochrome setting.

To resolve this problem, you require to change the print type settings manually. Click on the ‘Device Type: Auto Detect’ on the ‘Device settings’ tab to click on the ‘Color’ option.

  1. After the Automatic Configuration, the ‘Duplex Unit:’ option displays up ‘Not installed’ then convert it to ‘Installed,’ manually.
  2. In this, check whether the ‘Color: and/or Double-sided:’ setting set to ‘Yes’ under the ‘feature’ option. Choose the ‘Print Test page’ to verify. Click on the ‘Ok’ option to save the settings.

For more information on HP Printer or any of its models, contact HP Printer Assistant Number.


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