Steps to use ePrint on your HP machines for cloud printing from any device

When you received a PDF file as an email attachment, and do you immediately feel an urge to get a hard copy of it as soon as the notification popped up on your screen.

In this case, you can pick the old and traditional method wherein you connect the device to a PC, download and transfer it from your mailbox; and open the file and click “Print.”

It can be the best way to waste your time and efforts despite the availability of reliable technology to support you quickly without any movement.

Using this technique, you can forward that email attachment to your printer, and print a copy from a distance. The folks at HP Center brainstorming new ideas, working hard, and working relentlessly to make our printing experiences more comfortable have come up with a relatively new concept called “ePrint.”

It enables all HP web-connected printers to accept print calls from any device.

Decoding ePrint concept and steps to integrate HP printers with ePrint

This is a convenient printing resolution for HP users as it highlights wireless printing, web printing, and mobile printing and direct to printer abilities.

The exciting thing about ePrint is that all HP Printers have their email address, which is entirely related to “Google Cloud Print” for cloud printing requirements. The only distinctive quality that separates ePrint from its Google counterpart is that you are no longer limited to just Gmail and Google Docs for your cloud printing needs.

Steps to integrate ePrint on the HP Officejet 6500A Plus Printer model

Following, we will discuss the steps to deploy ePrint on the HP Officejet 6500A Plus Printer and demonstrate to you how to activate this feature in relatively simple steps.


Before we begin discussing the steps, there are two underlying conditions you require to fulfill to setup the ePrint feature. First, the idea is only compatible with wireless printers, and secondly, it must be ePrint enabled.

  1. First, open your web browser and go to HP official website
  2. Then open your HP dashboard by clicking twice the model number and name of your printer under the “Devices and Printers” option in the “Control Panel.”
  3. When you locate the HP ePrintCenter, click twice on it.
  4. Then a window will pop-up on your screen, prompting you to log in to your HP account. Click on the “Sign In” tab.
  5. In case you’re a new user, click on the “Sign Up” button and fill in your details to create a new ePrintCenter account.
  6. After this, you’ll be prompted to type your Printer code. You probably have received a printout with a code while setting up your printer. If not, you can follow the instructions on how to find the printing code.
  7. Enter the code and proceed to the next step
  8. At last, congratulations, your printer now connected to your ePrintCenter account. Now, click “next” to configure other settings.


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