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Ways to get printer online in Windows 10 +1-415-729-8750

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If you are facing offline printer issues but don’t know the reasons, then we, Nextgenassist is here to help you out. We have experts in our team who will help you by providing you the best possible results to get your printer offline status online.

Ways to get printer online in Windows 10


Here are some ways to get printer online in Windows 10:


If your printer is showing offline, then there might be something wrong with the connection of your printer and system through the USB or network. So to resolve it, At first, Restart your printer. Now again, you have to check the connection of your printer. If you connected your printer to your system with a USB cable, then you should check that it should be appropriately combined. If the issues persist, then you should also change the USB port. Also, you should check the signal of your printer is flashing or not. If the connection of your system with the printer is made through a wireless network, then you should make sure that your printer is connected to your computer network & the wireless icon will lit-up to show that you are connected.

    Driver Update

Old Driver Version will also provide you issues while connecting the printer to your system. You should update your printer driver to resolve the connection issues. Here are steps you should follow, i.e., Press Windows Key + R and type “services.msc” and tap enter. Search Printer Spooler Service then right-click on it and press Stop. After that, again Press Windows Key + R and type “printui.exe /s /t2” and tap enter. Next, remove the printer and when the printer asked for the confirmation to remove the driver as well, then select yes. Again run “services.msc” and right-click on Print Spooler and start. At last, search on the website and install the latest printer drivers.

    Change the Status

First, turn off your computer and then turn it ON. Then click Windows Key + I to open settings. After that click on “Devices” and the left-hand side, you will find an option which is “Bluetooth and other devices,” Select it. Now, click on the “Devices and Printers” option, which you will find under Related Settings. Then right-click on the printer icon with a green check-mark and choose “See What’s printing.” Now, you will see the printer queue; there you will see any unfinished tasks, then you should make sure to remove them from the list. Now, from the printer queue window, select your printer and uncheck the “Use Printer Offline” and option “Pause Printer.”

    Restart Printer Spooler Service

Together click Windows Key + R to open the Run Application. Type “services.msc” click enter. Find “Printer Spooler” and then check whether it is running or not. If you can’t find the status, then right-click on Printer Spooler and choose the “Start” option. Or you can also double click on it but make sure that the startup type is set to automatic. Stop Printer Spooler and then restart it. Click on Apply and again try to add a printer.


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